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A Letter from Musicbed CEO

When you think about it, filmmaking and music making aren’t all that different. The processes used to create songs and films are actually crazy similar. Slaving for hours over a lyric, tweaking a treatment for the umpteenth time, setting mics, setting lights, on and on. But maybe it’s not so much about the art forms themselves, but the humans behind them that make them so similar. In both contexts, it’s makers pursuing a vision and wringing out their hearts and hands to see it realized.

We love film and we love music. Even more than that, we love them together. But the thing that continually floors us is that when you put great picture with great music, the result isn’t just a sum of the parts. It’s not just one and one makes two — it’s exponentially more.

As often as those moments happen, we want to celebrate them. That’s the heart behind Musicbed Film Fest. It’s about you, the phenomenal films you make and the scores that bring them to life.

Let us brag on you. We want to recognize you for your vision as a filmmaker and award some awesome prizes from us and our sponsors. You can submit your best film using Musicbed tracks to one of our six festival categories for a chance to win $50,000+ in seriously good prizes.

From the first time indie filmmakers to the most influential brands in the world, I’m excited to honor the landmark work that’s been created all across the globe.

Through the First Annual Musicbed Film Fest, we want to celebrate the film and music community that we’ve had the opportunity to watch evolve over the last four years. We’ve laughed, cried, and been changed by the films made possible through the powerful relationship of sound and picture.

My hope is that this is more than another festival, but a genuine celebration of beautiful work and an encouragement to creatives to keep telling great stories and changing the hearts of people.

Click below to learn more about categories, prizes, judges, and how you can be a part of the first ever Musicbed Film Fest (entering is easy and totally free). I can’t wait to see your work!

Daniel McCarthy
Co-Founder & CEO

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