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Announcing Musicbed on Spotify!

Inspiration can play a big role in your work and it doesn’t always strike while you’re sitting at the editing bay or in the office. Whether you’re researching music or discovering new artists, we want to make that process as simple as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Musicbed is now on Spotify.

As the world’s premier music streaming service, it just makes sense that filmmakers like you spend your time listening to and discovering music on Spotify. It’s our mission to help you find the perfect song for your film and help you get past the pain of being stuck in your edit. So, we’re diving headfirst into full integration to make it more seamless than ever.


We’ve not only curated dozens of playlists for filmmakers with songs handpicked for your soundtrack — we’ve also added new playlists and refreshed your favorites. Now you can follow your playlists on Spotify to take them on the go and hone in on the perfect sound for your next film. Take advantage of the world’s most highly curated roster of artists in the palm of your hand.


There’s no better place to discover new music than on Spotify, so why not discover music you can actually use for your films? Our artists aren’t stock-music producers — they’re real artists regularly releasing music. So, follow them on Spotify to stay up to date with their latest work and dive deep into their discographies — then head over to Musicbed to license their songs for your work.


We’ve integrated our platform with Spotify so you can follow playlists directly from! Just connect your Spotify account under the ‘Integrations’ tab in your Account page. Then, you can follow our playlists on Spotify just by clicking ‘follow’ on Musicbed!

There’s no rigid process in your creative work and there shouldn’t be for the way you license music or get inspired for your next film. We’re excited to break down the barriers between you and the perfect song, make our artists’ music more accessible, and help you knock your next project out of the park. Happy listening.

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