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Announcing Musicbed Challenge 2023

It's that time of year again—submissions for our annual short-film competition open today.

Start something. Finish something. Create momentum and move forward with Musicbed Challenge, a 30-day filmmaking competition designed to inspire creative breakthrough.

Filmmakers have 30 days to submit a film that fits into one of these categories: Narrative, Spec Ad, or Documentary. Submissions must include music from a pre-selected Musicbed playlist. Before you begin, make sure you’ve downloaded the free Musicbed Challenge Starter Kit—it has everything else you need to know.

The Judges

A panel of 16 industry-leading judges will score submissions based on the following criteria: creativity, craft, storytelling, and song use. Learn more about this year’s judges here.

The Prizes

This year’s winners—Best Narrative, Best Spec Ad, Best Documentary, and People’s Choice—will split over $100K in film grants, high-end filmmaking tools, and creative assets.

Per Category—Narrative, Spec Ad, and Documentary

People’s Choice

Submissions open March 1 and close on March 31. Download the Starter Kit for everything you need to know. Good luck!

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