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Musicbed Joins New FM Family of Brands

Introducing FM—a new family of brands dedicated to serving and empowering the creative community. Here’s everything you need to know.

Musicbed made a major move today with the announcement that the brand has restructured under FM, a new parent company that also includes Filmsupply, the world’s leading premium footage licensing platform.

Musicbed’s purpose has always been to give filmmakers access to incredible music while providing musicians with a path to make their next record. Eventually, it became clear that the brand’s vision was far bigger than what it could accomplish on its own.

According to FM CEO Daniel McCarthy, “By creating the FM family of brands, we can better support and strengthen our goals and mission—empowering creatives and solving creative problems. Not just for filmmakers and musicians, but for the global creative community as a whole.”

Over the last ten years, Musicbed and Filmsupply have paid out more than $125,000,000 to creatives. Now, as a family of brands, FM plans to see this double in the coming years. Additionally, FM’s existence creates a lane to launch more brands in the near future that continue to pay off the company’s mission while pushing the creative industry forward.

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