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Musicbed Subscriptions Are Here.

The wait is over! We’re proud to announce Musicbed subcription. Now, for the first time, get unlimited music from the artists you know and love for one monthly or yearly fee. It’s a revolutionary take on the subscription model, giving filmmakers and creatives full access to real, emerging indie artists and leading composers. This is not a royalty-free production library. These are hundreds of chart-topping, nation-touring, genre-defying Musicbed artists at your fingertips.

Music for Every Project

There are subscription options for any kind of work you do, including Non-Profit, Wedding/Photography, Freelance Filmmaker/Production Company, and Business/In-House Team.

We’re also excited to announce our YouTube/Creator subscription, giving you the ability to use unlimited music in your videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Patreon, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you upload personal (non-client) work, now you can use incredible, inspiring music at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing SyncID™

So how are we playing nice with YouTube? Meet SyncID™. Available for all subscription types, SyncID™ is a tool we’ve developed that automatically clears your videos for monetization on YouTube once you’ve connected your channel. Just quickly generate a SyncID™ and paste it into your video’s description (or the claims box) — it’ll be cleared in a matter of minutes. For our YouTube/Creator subscription, you don’t need to do a thing. Once you receive a copyright claim, SyncID™ will clear it. Simple as that.

In the past, high-quality, copyrighted music hasn’t been an option for many creators. Not anymore. Gone are the days of takedowns and strikes on your account. Create at will.

License How You Work

Musicbed subscription is a brand-new way to get the perfect soundtrack for your project. But, we know filmmakers work in a lot of different ways. That’s why our per-project licenses aren’t going anywhere. We’re just expanding your options. No matter how you work, you can use Musicbed artists for every type of project.

Our monthly (or yearly) pricing options are set to give you more flexibility in your budget — and more freedom to create. You don’t need to reserve Musicbed for special projects. Use as many songs as you’d like for every project and dream at a different level for your soundtrack.

A Revolutionary Roster

We coordinated with hundreds of Musicbed artists and composers to create our subscription model. By building long-lasting relationships with our artists, we’re able to introduce a massive roster from day one — and we owe a huge thanks to them for their trust and dedication. The subscription roster features the vast majority of the musicians you know, love, and have come to expect. There are far too many artists to list, but you can explore the full list here.

Our exceptional A&R team is curating the subscription roster — adding new artists and songs every day — so you’ll always have a fresh sound for your projects. To see which songs are available with your subscription, just look for the ‘M’ symbol next to the song name — or use the toggle switch at the top-right of the browse page to view all songs included with your subscription.

Why Subscription?

Our mission is to elevate every creative project through music. By introducing this revolutionary music licensing model, we’re opening the doors to creatives who didn’t have access to incredible music and had to settle for something less. We believe our incredible artists deserve to have their music heard everywhere and that talented filmmakers deserve better music for their projects. Through Musicbed subscriptions, we’re taking a huge step towards accomplishing both.

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