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Sam Kolder Explores Music and Inspiration

How inspiration, music, and creativity all play a role in keeping a creative spark alive.

Our good friend (and Musicbed Ambassador) Sam Kolder has taken his followers on journeys around the globe in the most striking, creative ways possible — and it all starts with a spark. In his latest YouTube video, he explores how inspiration, music, and creativity all play a role in keeping that spark alive to create insanely good travel videos.

Check out the video and hear Sam explain the creative process behind one of the coolest damn transitions we’ve seen in a YouTube video.

Here’s Sam on that transition (Note: It’s the insane cut at the 1:40 mark if you want to watch it again):

When Musicbed asked me to make a video about how music inspires my work, I decided to tell the real-life story behind a cut in this video. I wanted to show how I ended up creating the transition from the surf to the sky and explore the creative process as a whole.

What many people don’t know is the amount of time and effort that I put into a single transition in one of my videos. More often than not, I don’t use many of the transitions because they don’t end up meeting the standards I’d originally set for myself. I never allow myself to look at it as a negative outcome, but rather a lesson.

Throughout this process of failure I learn something new and to me that’s what is most important. In this case, worked through the process and the transition ended up looking pretty smooth and I liked it a lot.

Part of the video was filmed in Toronto and conceptualized and shot over the course of one week with the help pf my friend Valentyn Syenin. We spent a week at our friend’s condo downtown were able to capture some of the most incredible footage of the city at every time of day. The rest of the film was shot in Namibia, Bali, Nevada, and Finland. Looking back at this project, it was a ton of fun to create and rewarding to share an experience that all creatives deal with but in my own way.

Sam’s video features “Falling” from Musicbed artist Asher. To see more of Sam’s incredible work, check out his channel, and listen to his curated Musicbed playlist:

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