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Musicbed Top 5: January-March 2018

Welcome to the first-ever Musicbed Top 5, a rundown of our favorite short films featuring music from our artists. Hearing their work in great videos is one of the most rewarding things we get to do and we’re excited to share a few of them with you. This rundown is just a small sample of the work we’ve seen on Vimeo recently, and you can watch even more in our Musicbed Collection on Vimeo. We went with a decidedly sports-oriented version this time around, but as you’ll see in these films, they’re about so much more than that. Enjoy these incredible short films, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Dean Goes Surfing

Equal parts inspiring and charming, our friends at Voyager nailed the tone on this one. This short doc follows one young man’s goal to stand up on a surf board and the nonprofit that’s making it happen for hundreds of people with special needs.


Raunchy by Harlow Wilcox

Chicken Talk by Joey Morant

Painted in Dust

We never thought we’d be compelled to move to the desert, but this doc is doing a pretty great job of convincing us. Directed by Cameron Goold, Painted in Dust follows the story of Forrest Minchinton, who moved to the middle of the desert to ride motorcycles and shape surfboards. Go figure.


Modern Age by Shakes

Jarvis Landry

Rand Getlin, formerly of the NFL Network, produced this doc about one of the league’s brightest young stars. A rags to riches story in the most literal sense, this inspiring narrative is a look at what it takes to break into the game.


Projections by Luke Atencio

Revolution by The Soldier Story

Miscommunication by Oslo

Voodoo (Fight the Power) by The Seige

Flutter by A. Taylor

The Lost Girls of Chicago

This branded doc for Allstate is a testament to the power of sports and how it can impact lives — a stirring look at Chicago’s inner city, and how softball is saving boys and girls from a life on the street.


Prayer by One Hundred Years

2.5 Million

A lot of ski films stop at surface level, but 2.5 Million is a prime example of taking it a step further and diving into the spirit of why these athletes do what they do (you can read more on this here, in our conversation with Sherpas Cinema). Watch in awe as skier Aaron Rice tackles 2.5 million feet of elevation in one single year.


Catch Your Breath by The Cage

Before Dawn by On Earth

An End by Bytheway-May

Fire with Fire – Trevor James Tillery

Light + Breath – Dustin Lau

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