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Artist Spotlight: Adam Taylor

The duration of our time with the deeply reflective, self-taught Composer Adam Taylor left us refreshed and inspired to create. Some artists have the ability to not only woo you with their skill, but teach you a thing or two about life itself. After filming ‘The Medicine’, we walked away with a tangible deposit from the life and music of A. Taylor.

Adam’s home/studio rests in Long Beach, California, in proximity to a most breathtaking coastline where he often escapes to for clarity and perspective.

There is something to be said about people who know exactly what they need in order to operate at their highest level. One of our favorite moments with Adam was a stretch of silence in the car after he told us he needed to “debrief”…

Adam’s signature “debrief” method is what he calls it when he needs a moment to meditate and reset. Despite how high-maintenance that potentially sounds, it was actually a powerful lesson in self-awareness.

Everyone can benefit from a couple moments to get grounded and just be wherever you are.

For such a high-output Composer, it’s bracing to hear that Adam Taylor doesn’t believe he is the source of his own musical inspiration. There was almost a sigh of relief in our own creative consciouses when we began to realize that creating ought to be approached as more of a discovery/rediscovery process.

As Adam says in the middle of the film, “that’s the first thing that will kill creativity and inspiration — is to think that I’m the source in some way.”

It’s evident in Adam’s music that he makes the constant effort to realign himself with the thought that he isn’t the source.

Some of our favorite A. Taylor tracks are: Treeline At Night, City On Fire, and Ascent.

It’s not easy to sit with someone and have them recount the pain of their past. But in Adam’s case, he allows his memories to fuel some of the soul-searching in his music. Writing is therapeutic and a part of his healing process.

His pain has helped him connect with the idea that the further he steps outside of himself, the more he is able to create honest compositions.

We were honored to spend time with Adam and tell his story. Knowing the human behind the music connects us on a deeper level to his already brilliant organic soundscapes.

As we continue to create, let’s reject those self-centric thoughts and never forget how small we are.

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