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Artist Spotlight: Ryan Taubert

There is a very distinct “X” factor that distinguishes an ordinary composer from a great composer. We are downright positive that Ryan Taubert has cracked the intangible code. Ryan was drawn in to making music initially through visuals. After teaching himself to compose by reproducing scores from movies as a kid, he is now a highly sought after Composer making some of the most captivating pieces of music for film…ever, we’d say.

We caught up with American-born Ryan Taubert in his home of Sydney, Australia where he is producing and composing full time for Hillsong Church. You could say we’d been playing “Two degrees of Ryan Taubert” for quite some time via mutual friends/producers/filmmakers — so, naturally, he was connected to the heart of Musicbed long before his music was ever made available on the site. Ryan has crafted compositions for some of our favorite film teams on the planet (Variable and Salomon Ligthelm to name a couple), so you can imagine our delight when his scores made their way to Musicbed last year.

In a sea of self-proclaimed composers, Ryan’s music is a breath of untampered cinematic air. His scores carry the refinement of a well-tested artist with an ear for excellence. If a composer’s library is only as good as his worst track, we’re having a hard time finding any fault in Taubert’s collection.

In the film, Ryan says that his love for composing “originated from what was happening on screen… when I see pictures I hear music. When I see colors, I hear instruments to represent that color.”

It seems fitting that a film composer would be captivated first by visuals and then translate those pictures in to notes. Ryan’s process sounds dream-like and purely instinctual, yet his final product is consistently precise.

From filmmakers with a high appreciation for quality music, we value the freedom that Ryan allows himself while maintaining a professional caliber of production. The two qualities don’t often co-exist within a single artist, but instinct and exactness have found a home in Taubert’s mad-genius brain.

If you’re looking for tracks with strong (or profoundly subtle) cinematic presence to absorb your audience, look no further than Ryan Taubert. His scores will take your viewers in to whatever world you’re creating on screen and hold them hostage… in the best way.

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