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We were talking to an artist friend of ours a while ago, a guy known for a very specific style of work, and we asked him how he developed his voice. How hard was it? “You know what’s funny?” he said. “It was only when I stopped trying so hard, stopped stressing out about it, that my voice really broke through.” Which basically sums up what’s so confusing about developing your voice as an artist. It seems to be both effortless and impossible. And we think that’s because when we talk about “voice,” what we’re really talking about is honesty. When someone tells you that you’ve “found your voice,” what they’re really saying is you’ve found yourself — and how the heck do you go about doing that?

There comes a point when any serious creative has to make a choice: continue pursuing art on the side, or go for it all out. That one decision changes everything. Or at least it did for filmmaker Thomas Simon who quit his day job, spent his last $10K on gear, and then prayed his phone would ring.