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Jeremy Boxer


A few months ago, we were talking with Vimeo’s creative director, Jeremy Boxer. We asked him what he was most excited about, and, without hesitating, he said Vimeo On Demand — Vimeo’s newish service that allows filmmakers to sell their work directly to their audience. Vimeo On Demand, he told us, is going to radically change not just the economy of filmmaking, but films themselves. We asked him what in the world he was talking about. “I think the first thing it’s going to do is erase the idea of traditional formats,” he said. “We’ve had filmmakers who’ve made 35-minute films about a specific subject for a specific audience, and they’ve done better than some feature films. It [becomes] more about the storytelling. I think you’re going to start seeing a lot more odd-length projects coming out in the next couple years.”

“When you have that synchronicity between the picture and the sound, it transcends everything else,” Jeremy Boxer told us. And Jeremy knows. Not only is he a filmmaker himself, but he works as creative director of Film & Video for the most beloved video hosting site in the world: Vimeo. We thought Jeremy would have a good perspective on film, music, and the alchemy that happens when the two come together.