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Midnight Riot


Midnight Riot — a collaboration between singer/songwriter Emily Kopp and guitarist/producer Justin Beckler — is loud, brash, and shot through with fizzy cola. It’s a project built on good old-fashioned guitar riffs, room-shaking stomps and claps, and hooks that sink so deep you’ll be humming them for weeks. They may even leave a little grit between your teeth. And Midnight Riot’s breakout track, ‘Never Coming Down,’ is no exception.

When Cartoon Network’s legendary, genre-disrupting series The Powerpuff Girls marked its 20-year anniversary, its creative team knew they needed something special. Along with Musicbed Custom Music artists Emily Kopp and Justin Beckler (a.k.a Midnight Riot), they created an original piece of music to celebrate the special event alongside an art initiative featuring work from female animators around the world.