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Paul Davidson, a.k.a. MYYRA, is a self-proclaimed optimist. Which is a bit surprising if you’ve heard his music. His debut album — Erase. Rewind. Restart. — is melancholy to the core. The name smacks of regret — or at least a desire for a do-over. These songs were written a few years ago, after Paul had left everything behind and moved to Nashville in hopes of making it as a musician.

It’s funny. One of the reasons we were so excited to talk to the creative husband-and-wife duo Sea Chant was to find out how they’ve cultivated such a distinct visual style. Everything they do is beautiful, colorful, almost hyperreal. They have a consistency of voice that a lot of beginning photographers and filmmakers strive for. But when we asked how they’ve done it, the conversation took a surprising (and great) 90-degree turn. It turns out Andrew and Carissa Gallo have no interest in aesthetic consistency, in voice development — in being “Sea Chant-y.”