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There is so much good advice out there, but almost none of it sticks. For every thousand pieces of advice you get, you might remember one or two. But what does stick is significant. You can learn a lot about someone from the advice they’ve retained. And you can learn a lot from them too. For the past few months, we’ve been asking filmmakers what advice has stuck with them. Their answers were as varied as their work. But we noticed something: When advice does stick with someone, it becomes not just advice they remember, but advice they give. It becomes their advice. In other words, the best good advice becomes part of who you are. Maybe something below will do the same for you.

There comes a point when any serious creative has to make a choice: continue pursuing art on the side, or go for it all out. That one decision changes everything. Or at least it did for filmmaker Thomas Simon who quit his day job, spent his last $10K on gear, and then prayed his phone would ring.